From August 2006

Embedding Video in WordPress

I enabled the WP-Extremevideo plugin from: in my wordpress blog so that now I can edit movies directly into a blog entry. This plugin is great as it allows all types of videos including, YouTube, Google Videos, FLV, Quicktime, etc. An example of a youtube video is shown below. [gv data=””][/gv] [gv data=”cv157ZIInUk”][/gv]

I never thought I’d say this but…

I USE FIREFOX I have officially migrated my primary web browsing to FireFox. I am one of the old salts on the internet and was using mosiac when it was first released from UIUC, then I started using netscape from "Mosaic Communications Corporation" before they changed their name to netscape. I didn't care for them converting netscape to a commercial product so when Microsoft released IE and it started to become the browser of all browsers, I switched to IE. I thought Netscape was on Read more [...]

It’s been a full year and now a major change .. now blogging in WordPress

I just realized that my blog has been active for over a year now. Can't believe I'm still blogging, I thought for sure I would have quit by now. Well after much research I've decided to migrate my blog from Community Server (a dot net based blogging application) to WordPress, a php and mysql blogging application. CommunityServer is a great application developed and backed by a commercial organization, unfortunately as a commercial organization they want to make more money and have released Read more [...]

Connecting To Server Console In Terminal Services

This was pointed out to me by my colleague Carlos, If you want to connect to the server console of a Windows 2003 server through terminal services (if you don't know what this means, it's the same as if you connected a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the server and logged in directly from in front of the box) you can execute the following: If you want to connect to a terminal server via the command prompt you can do so by typing the following: “mstsc -v:servername /F –console”. Read more [...]