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Getting PHP CURL to Call HTTPS URLs on Windows
June 26, 2013
So Windows Server is a fantastic environment for PHP, it has only improved and will only continue to improve.  However, CURL no longer bundles the root certificates in any builds and this causes problems when you look to leverage curl to do something like call an API with HTTPS in the URL.  Some will recommend you disable the verifyhost option in CURL by adding these two lines: //WARNING: this would prevent curl from detecting a ‘man in the middle’ attack curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYHOST, Read more [...]
Installing ModSecurity on IIS7.X
May 14, 2013
ModSecurity is an open-source web application firewall that has been widely deployed on Apache based web servers to protect web applications from security vulnerabilities and has recently been made available in a stable version for IIS based servers from version 7.X and above.  However, installing ModSecurity on your windows cloud servers running IIS7.X could be problematic and I wanted to provide a little guidance around installing it and getting it running an initial ruleset in monitor and Read more [...]
Web Technologies
Farewell to WebsiteSpark and the Expression Suite
March 26, 2013
Back in September of 2009 Microsoft developed a program called WebsiteSpark.  WebsiteSpark was meant to drive developer interest into the Windows Web Platform and drive awareness to the Microsoft Expression family of products.  Recently Microsoft announced that the Expression family of products would be changing as they worked towards unifying their development tools and moving this functionality into the Visual Studio suite.  The full changes are as follows: Expression Blend – Read more [...]
The Cool Stuff
Math is hard, Financial Projections are Easy .. eznumbers that is.
January 30, 2013
Although the new year is well along it’s way, it’s still not too early to dial in your business plans.  So I thought I‘d share a great application I came across the middle of last year while in the midst of evaluating an acquisition, it’s called EZ Numbers.  EZ Numbers is built for startups so they can create pro forma financial projections when seeking funding but I’ve found it far more useful than just for startups or acquisitions.  By using EZ Numbers any existing company Read more [...]
Server Virtualization
Microsoft’s vision of the Cloud OS and what it means to you (and me)
January 28, 2013
Recently I had the opportunity to be part of a Microsoft Press Briefing where they announced System Center 2012 SP1 was released and how it played a part of their vision of the Cloud OS.  Since that briefing I’ve had a number of conversations and I thought where better than here to discuss that. What is the Cloud OS The Cloud OS is Microsoft’s vision of a consistent platform across customer datacenters, service provider datacenters and the Microsoft public cloud.  It’s the ability Read more [...]